Chela Zabin

Chela Zabin

Adjunct Professor of Biology and Research Staff, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center West (at Romberg Tiburon Campus)
Coastal Ecology and Restoration
Phone: (415) 435-7128

Marine Invasions Research


Broadly speaking, I am interested in the temporal and spatial patterns in abundance and distribution of marine species. In particular, my research focuses on the patterns that occur as a result of both natural processes and human impacts. This interest has taken me down three distinct research tracks: 1. ecological impacts, patterns and mechanisms of the spread of non-native species, 2. restoration of important benthic habitats including oyster and eelgrass beds, and 3. patterns in species abundance and richness over different temporal and spatial scales. I have a strong interest in education and outreach and ways in which to involve the public in “citizen science” to build capacity for environmental monitoring for conservation.

Selected Publications

  • Zabin, Chela J., Davidson, Ian C., Holzer, Kimberly K., Smith, George, Ashton, Gail, V., Tamburri, Mario N. and Ruiz, Gregory M. (2018). How will vessels be inspected to meet emerging biofouling regulations for the prevention of marine invasions? Management of Biological Invasions, 9 (3), 195-208.
  • Bible, Jillian M., Cheng, Brian S., Chang, Andrew L., Ferner, Matthew C., Wasson, Kerstin, Zabin, Chela J., Latta, Marilyn, Sanford, Eric, Deck, Anna and Grosholz, Edwin D. (2017). Timing of stressors alters interactive effects on a coastal foundation species. Ecology, 98 (9), 2468-2478.
  • Zabin, Chela J., Wasson, Kerstin and Fork, Susanne. (2016). Restoration of native oysters in a highly invaded estuary. Biological Conservation, 202 , 78-87.